Thursday, July 23, 2009

1st Post Ever

"News to me PS3" This blog is dedicated to the PS3. I will cover mostly upcoming games as well as do short reviews on current games. I want this blog to be a place that everyone can come to and get interesting, funny, and NEW, news. There are no limits or regulations on what we can talk about here as long as it is related to the PS3 in some way. I work full time just like the rest of you and this is just a way of me using my otherwise useless information surrounding the PS3. I've owned all 3 of Sonys video game consoles and loved all of them. I purchased my PS3 about a year after releasing in 2006. I've used almost every day since. I milk this thing for every penny I spent. Blue-Ray, games, music, pictures, and even browsing the internet. I've talked about 6 of my closest friends into buying one as well. I'm an ACE at setting these up online and off, HD or not. I intend on helping anyone with there lagging, no connection, can't sign-in, won't turn on, BS problems, so let me know. I currently own over 15 of the hottest PS3 titles and I'm a gamefly member. My top 3 go in no certain order; Call of duty, Madden, and Grand Theft Auto. I just want to talk about video games and have a place where I can provide the information that obsessively consume on a regular basis. This is just a kick off to let everyone know whats to come. Add me to your favorites and become a follower. The clans (x*x) and (BCS), DonkeyKongKing is my PSN name, ADD ME. DK.

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