Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Mission

Here at News to Me PS3 we aim to please the gamer and producer! By the gamer for the gamer is the way we see it here. Our objective is to provide up to date breaking PS3 news, technical support, and great deals on PS3 games/hardware. This website is intended to serve as a platform of communication between the gamers creating the games and the gamers playing the games. What if you could ask game producers questions of your choice and actually get an answer? What if those same producers could ask you questions directly? I want to build a bridge between these two segregated groups. Imagine a website where you can post a question to the guys at EA Sports or how about the crew down at Infinity Ward? I'm sure we would all like to have a conversation with Sony! All I'm asking is to close the gap, make it easier for the guys behind the screen to talk to the guys in front of the screen.

To accomplish this I'm going to need an army of gamers with a mission. Have you ever wanted to yell out an obvious glitch with Madden? How about a change you would like to make to Call of duty? Added features to the PS3 network? Even request features in games? Join my mission and become a soldier in the gamer army.

Those of you that have a career in this industry, I know you feel the same pain. Haven't you ever wanted to explain why it isn't so easy to add that feature? Or why fixing that glitch isn't a matter of flipping a switch? Or maybe just a simple whats your favorite level of my game? Now is your chance. Please we need your help!

My conclusion is only that we can accomplish this with numbers. If there is enough of us reaching out, we will be anwsered. If we ask we shall recieve. DK.

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