Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Prevent PS3 Failure

I'm not the only one that has been surprised with the "beep beep beep", wondering how this happened to me, I thought Junkboxes died? Not my PS3. A lot of you have been there and a lot of you still think it couldn't happen to you. Well there is light at the end of the tunnel. Here is a few tips on just how to keep this from happening or happening again.

First off, lets cover what is happening and why. Most broken PS3's have 1 of 2 problems. Either it is running too hot or the blue-ray eye isn't reading correctly. Lets address both problems and solutions.

Over Heating?

The PlayStation 3 is built with its included cooling system. If where you set up your system isn't properly ventilated you are raising your chances on a "beep beep beep". Its pretty simple guys if your fan is running none stop, its too hot. I suggest relocating your PS3 or buying a cooling fan. A location adjustment and $30 for a fan could save you the inconvenience of losing all your saved data, $150, and a minimum of 2 weeks without your PS3. The downside is a lot of intercoolers can be loud, so make sure and read reviews to find the best selection for you.

Dirt Ball!

Second, if your not keeping it clean you could be your own worst enemy. Go out and fork out some dough for a Blue Ray Cleaner. This kit will allow you to clean the inside of your PS3 keeping the Blue Ray eye reading properly. I would suggest doing this quarterly through out the year. Also, vacuum out all the external vents around the PlayStation 3 every couple of weeks. Dog hair, dust, and dirt can all be quick killers to your Sony system.

So now your towering black box is clean inside and out. Don't ruin it all by shoving dirty discs into the slot. Clean your discs of any kind just as often as you do your PS3. This will prevent anything getting on or around the lens inside. There is also a big discussion on whether to place it flat or up right? My opinion is that Sony has designed it to operate either way so as long as you have proper ventilation. I personally leave mine flat for the fear that somehow it would be tipped over.

If you can manage to accomplish all these tasks, you have lowered your chances greatly on having any issues. Even still it is possible, thankfully Sony provides a refurbished system with a 1 year full warranty for $150. A real steal, if compared to purchasing a brand new one. I would suggest making the phone call to Sony as soon as you realize it needs serviced. I had a system back to me in about 10 days after the phone call. I have compiled a list of a few websites great for PS3 parts and accessories. If there are any more specific questions on saving your PS3 or other possible issues. Please contact me I would love to help.DK. russ58@Hotmail.com

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