Friday, August 7, 2009

Batman Arkham Asylum Demo Gameplay

Batman is back and better than ever. I have to say this is one that surprised me. The graphics and design I assumed would be top notch considering the popularity of the game. What I did not expect to get is a seamless gameplay engine and huge fun factor. Whether your a Batman fan or not I suggest you go to the PSN store where you can download the demo for free. The full game won't be released until August 25th, for those of you that like to pre order and maybe even a few that don't usually here are a few good deals.

Gamespot-Pre order here and receive an exclusive Villain Challenge Map

Walmart- At Walmart when you pre order you will unlock an exclusive Armored Batsuit for the game's Challenge Maps

Amazon- Pre ordering here will get you a copy of 'The Road to Arkham' the comic book.

Get you a taste of the demo gameplay here-

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