Sunday, August 2, 2009

Amazon PS3 Slim Real or Fake?

An update in the PS3 slim saga. Amazon has placed a PS3 slim on there website. Unfortunately the only 2 product pictures provided are uploaded from a customer. Even though, the pictures are definitely the most believable I've seen yet. Why wouldn't Sony release picture of there product? Why hasn't PS3 slim been announced at all? How much will it cost and what does it include? These are all questions I'm sure all of us would like answered. The highly anticipated PS3 slim could mean many things but why be so interested if I already own one you ask? The more consoles sold the better games, content, features, and support. I for one see the possibility of purchasing a second console for the sole reason of being able to play online on the second TV while my girlfriend rocks out in the living room. On top of that, who wouldn't want an extra media machine like this. Rumor has it the slim will still include all the current features of the PS3 as well as the obvious structural improvements.
Bottom line we all want to support the PS3 because we want the PS3 to support us. Lets all start converting all of those who don't currently own a PS3, let them know what there missing. Inform them of the huge mistake they made on that junkbox 180 and there second chance on the PS3 slim. With no release date or even a official PS3 slim confirmation from Sony, all we can do is sit back watch it unravel. Never the less I'm convinced there has to be some truth to all this speculation. A PS3 slim release date is inevitable. DK.

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